Villa Eugenia

Historic Hechingen


Villa Eugenia was the residence of the last governing prince of Hohenzollern-Hechingen, Frederick William Constantine, and his wife Princess Eugenia. The building was constructed in 1787 to be a pleasure garden house by Prince Joseph William.

Around 50 years later, Prince Frederick William Constantine and Princess Eugenia, a step granddaughter of Napoleon Bonaparte, chose the building to be the city palace. They had reconstruction work carried out in 1833. The two side wings were constructed and an English landscape garden was created, the Princes’ Garden of today. The European high nobility were guests of the villa and under Prince Constantine it developed into a centre for contemporary music. Important figures such as Franz Liszt and Hector Berlioz made music here. Read more in "Orpheic Hechingen".

After a long beauty sleep, Villa Eugenia was extensively restored by the Villa Eugenia support association and today is a cultural and conference centre. The representative building can be hired for public and private events as well as weddings. 

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