"No Stork’s Nest On The Lower Tower" was a newspaper headline on 5 December 1935.

"Residents of Hechingen yesterday saw the familiar image of the stork’s nest on the Lower Tower for the last time. Since the storm on Sunday night, the weaved nest, which had been looking the worse for wear for quite some time, was hanging skew from the tip of the tower. Yesterday it had to be taken down using the large fire ladder and two additional ladders attached to it. Not everyone would have wanted to swap places with the young master builder Otto Schetter, who performed the dangerous task.

The stork’s residence does not need to be replaced as it has already been taken off the housing market for storks. It has been a long time since a stork or a pair of storks lived up there, and back then it was a hot topic of conversation for the whole town when the lofty citizens returned from their long trip south. However, the storks have been avoiding the Lower Tower for years. They find the smoke form the nearby chimneys unpleasant and – the question of food is also the deciding factor for storks – they have not been able to find enough nourishment since the ponds and marshy regions disappeared. The stork romance has come to an end in Hechingen."