Special features

The bronze altar crucifix may be from the early 9th century. The depiction of Christ is certainly not untypical to this period. Christ is wearing the crown of a king, the royal cloak as a loin cloth. His feet are parallel to the suppedaneum, the foot support, though have not been pierced. However, to this day, it has not been completely clarified whether the crucifix is the original from early Carolingian times or a copy from the 19th century.

For the growing number of members of the Protestant community, the original 150 places in the church was soon insufficient. In 1905/06, the architect Wilhelm Friedrich Laur extended the church by inserting a transept and building galleries. On the occasion of this extension, the church is given an altar bible as a present from the patron of the church, Emperor William II, with the following inscription written by his own hand:

"Rejoice in hope, be patient with grief, hold on to your prayers".
Wilhelm IR. 7 October 1906

It is a quotation from the sarcophagus of his grandmother Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach in the mausoleum of the park of Charlottenburg Castle.