Protestant Church of St. John

Historic Hechingen


You can see the protestant Church of St. John, which was consecrated in 1857. King Frederick William IV of Prussia ordered its construction; King William I of Prussia, who later become the German Emperor, named the church "Johanneskirche" (Church of St. John) in 1869. After the protestant chapel in Hohenzollern Castle had been given the name Christ’s Chapel, it was thought appropriate that the church in the town bore the name of the favourite disciple of Jesus.

The entire construction was built in the neo-gothic style. The building is relatively small with a single-nave, which was extended in 1905 through the insertion of a transept. There is a graceful porch with pointed arch on the gable side. Rising next to it is a tower with copper roof, which is  furnished with four decorative corner pinnacles. There is extensive evidence of the connection between the protestant Church of St. John and the Prussian royal house inside the church. King’s chair, coat of arms of the altar ... go on a journey of discovery – the church is full of small treasures.

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