Previous history

The first parish church in Hechingen, St. Luzen Church, was located in the area known today as the lower town. With the increasing importance of the area known today as the upper town, which was founded in the mediaeval 13th century, a church was built there from 1472, to which the parish rights were transferred upon its consecration in 1488. This church of "Unserer lieben Frau und St. Jakob" was a tall but small hall church. It covered less than half of today’s long church and had a tower with four gables and a steep eight-sided spire.

In 1495, Prince Eitel Frederick II of Hohenzollern and his brother Bishop Frederick of Augsburg constructed a collegiate church there for 12 canons, which existed until 1806. Since then the church has been designated a collegiate and parish church. In 1512, Eitel Frederick II was buried in the choir. The valuable Renaissance gravestone, which shows him together with his wife Magdalena von Brandenburg (deceased in 1496) is today embedded in the northern structure of the choir. (Picture below)

Although the church was renovated more than once (1613 and 1732), it fell into an increasing state of disrepair. After a comprehensive inspection by church and princely construction inspectors, the decision was made to tear it down, which began in 1778.

You can read about how the church looks today under Construction history.