You are standing in Palace Square. It has been the location of various manor houses for over 700 years. Since the establishment of the Town of Hechingen by the counts of Hohenzollern in the 13th century, the counts used this strategic place within the town walls as their place of residence and seat of government.

In the grand buildings, which today border Palace Square, we have before us the former government quarters.

The Old Palace (1) opposite the New Palace (2) once accommodated the seat of the chancellery of the highest princely administrative authority and today houses the State Museum of Hohenzollern, which is well worth paying a visit.

The two large houses at the bottom of the Square were also official buildings. The building on the left (3), which once formed part of the palace complex, was the princely revenue office with guardroom for the princely military. The "Kassemayersche Haus" (4) next door was the seat of the civil service until 1879. The former farmyard and stables demarcate the upper end of Palace Square (5). Walk a few steps up Palace Street and on your right you will see a large half-timbered house (6) – the former stately storehouse.