Imagine you are standing here more than 750 years ago – on a medieval construction site. How different the world looks. Carts are bringing stones and logs, craftsmen are carving blocks and beams – a medieval monastery complex is being built in the early Gothic style.

Today, only the monastery church in front of which you are standing remains. Its typical Gothic struts support the weight of the mighty ceiling vault. The nave, including the nuns’ gallery, was reconstructed in the Baroque style in the 18th century.

The monastery church was consecrated by Bishop Hartmann of Augsburg (1248 - 1286) in 1262. He was the brother of co-founder Udelhild of Hohenzollern, née Countess of Dillingen. The church is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and was the burial place of the Swabian lineage of the Hohenzollern dynasty from 1289 to 1488.

The convent church, apart from the ancillary rooms, is open during the day. Guided tours can be booked via the tourist information of Hechingen (Tel. 07471 940-119) or via Förderverein Klosterkirche e.V.