If taken literally, the name "Old Palace" is misleading as the building was only briefly the residence of a Hechingen prince. The Old Palace (1) was built around 1580 as an administrative and agricultural building of the neighbouring Renaissance Palace (2).

Up into the 18th century the magnificent building served as a storehouse, armoury, brewery and princely chancellery. In 1775 Prince Joseph Wilhelm set up a school with five classes there. However, it was disbanded after 22 years. In the years around 1800 the building was known as the "Prince Building" and "Princess Palace", as it was the place of residence for members of the princely family not serving in the government.

After the demolition of the Renaissance Palace opposite in 1814, the Old Palace was the residence of Prince Frederick Hermann Otto for a few years and up to his death in 1883.

From 1849 onwards, the Old Palace changed hands on numerous occasions, accommodating amongst others the telegraph office, a printers, a store for knitwear aswell as flats.

In 1939 the Town of Hechingen acquired the building and the administration moved in temporarily.

In 2005, after a comprehensive building renovation, the State Museum of Hohenzollern opened in the Old Palace.

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